Purchasing a Licence

The content of this website and associated programme material has been adapted by Deaf Children Australia under licence from the National Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Children in the United Kingdom.

Through the Safe Deaf Kids website you can purchase a licence that provides you with a link to the full Safe Programme, training material / content in which the copyright is owned by Deaf Children Australia or used under licence from the NSPCC.

Only the purchase of a licence will provide you with access and use of this content. 

Access to and/or use of the content which is in or is linked to this website is conditional on your understanding, acceptance and compliance with the Terms of Use and Disclaimer. You can view these before purchasing a licence by clicking on the “Purchase Licence” button.

Upon purchasing a licence, you choose your own password to be able to access the Safe Programme through this website.  You can update your details through the "Manage my account" function at the top of the page.

The Licence fee includes access to technical programme support from Deaf Children Australia staff located at our Melbourne office Monday – Friday. This support service is available during normal business hours AEST.


Licence Pricing

There are two types of licences that can be purchased in order to access the full range of Safe Programme materials and resources. Both are available for a period of 12 month period from the purchase date. There is also the option to purchase a licence for a 36 month period at a significantly reduced rate.

Single User Licence: 

Only one (1) user can access the web based programme materials and resources at a time from any computer or internet accessible device, when a Single User Licence is purchased.

1 year licence $165.00 

3 year licence $330.00 

Multi User Licence: 

Up to three (3) users can access the web based programme materials and resources at a time, from any computer or internet accessible device, when a Multi User Licence is purchased.

1 year licence $330.00

3 year licence$660.00


Once you login your access will have a 3 hour, non-active window.  This means that your login will remain open for a maximum of 3 hours after your activity has ceased.  In order to re-activate or continue your session you will need to re-enter your login details.

Data Collection

At your first log in you will be required to complete a short survey.  The data in this survey complies with Deaf children Australia's Privacy Policy and collection of information guidelines.  This is a once-only survey.