About Safe

Safe is a safety and awareness group work programme aimed at deaf children aged seven and over. This resource supports the personal safety skills training of deaf children. It is written as a complete programme, but can be used flexibly as a resource to support specific areas of work.

The resource is designed for use by all professionals working with deaf children, including those with additional needs. It is primarily aimed at teaching or other school staff to use as part of the school curriculum. It will also be of interest to professionals undertaking therapeutic work, including social workers, health workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, as well as care and communication support workers. Parents, carers and others will be able to reinforce the learning and to promote the safety and wellbeing of deaf children.

International research has consistently highlighted that deaf and disabled children are at a substantially greater risk of being the subject of abuse. The key reasons include the deaf child’s lack of awareness about the issues associated with their general wellbeing including how to seek help, their isolation and inherent barriers to communication.

A major risk factor for deaf children in Australia is the lack of effective information regarding personal safety skills and sex and relationship education. Deaf children and young people need to be given the awareness to recognise abuse, the vocabulary to describe it and the knowledge of where to go for help

This programme provides a resource to help professionals give deaf children the awareness, information and language to protect themselves by:

  • understanding and recognise abuse and other ways they could come to harm
  • keeping themselves safe, or to tell someone who can help to keep them safe
  • enabling them to make better informed choices about their lives
  • encourage them to support each other and strengthen their identity, self-confidence and self-esteem
  • empower them to communicate their thoughts, wishes and feelings
  • enabling them to explore and understand their life experiences

The subjects covered by the programme are:

  • feelings
  • relationships
  • differences
  • bullying
  • growing up, including sex and relationship education
  • personal safety indoors
  • personal safety outdoors
  • road safety
  • the internet and mobile phones
  • someone to turn to


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